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Looking for something different at your wedding? Surprise your guests with a Silent Disco!

We are proud to be working in partnership with Scotland’s premier silent disco provider Silent Knights. 

Guests simply grab a pair of wireless headphones and music is transmitted to them, you can then switch between different genres of music from up to 3 different channels! 

  • Up to 3 different channels of music mean you can keep everyone happy, pop for the kids, rock or R&B for the adults and swing for the grandparents!

  • Headphones can easily be removed and your guests can speak freely without having to shout over loud music!

  • Ideal if your venue has any late night noise restrictions, keep the party going after the curfew!

  • Eliminates any PRS restrictions your venue may have!

  • Subject to availability, we have special white headphones for the bride to wear!

    Other ideas

    • Silent Ceilidh
      Transmit your favourite Ceilidh songs to the headphones and everyone can get dancing! Fun for those participating, fun for those watching! Our Parakeet Transmitter means instructions can be transmitted over the headphones if needed!

    • Bride v Groom DJ Battle
      The Bride’s music versus the Grooms music, who will win the battle? Let your guests decide!

    • Guests channel
      Ask your guests to add a request on their RSVP and create a playlist for them!